coffee table arts and crafts oak Samson Our Arts and Crafts coffee table is a hit with enthusiasts of the period. oak Scottish table with tartan inlay and Robert Burns quotationCoffee tables are a more recent "invention" and, consequently, original pieces from 1900 cannot be found. With cut-out tulip shapes in the slats along the side, the table goes well with our radiator covers. I am proud to say that it featured in an article in the magazine Period Homes on how to get the Arts and Crafts look today.
  To the right is what I have called The Patriot's Table. It was designed for a building consortium that hoped to sell furnishings to golf courses and whisky tasting bars in the Far East. They asked for something Scottish. The table features "tartan" inlay, cut-out thistles, and the first line of Robert Burns' Scots Wha Hae (wi' Wallace Bled, welcom tae your gorie bed or tae victorie). In other words, Robert Burns, Robert Bruce, William Wallace, blood, gore, and anti-English sentiment. To be fair, I also designed an English Patriot's Table. And to be even more fair, this was before the Scottish Independence Referendum was even agreed by David Cameron.
  Below is one of three dining tables we have made with pull-out leaves. Another cabinetmaker made the chairs. It is followed by a table/worksurface for Edinburgh Studio Tiles. It is where the owner, Kathryn, will discuss your commission.
handmade oak dining table handmade oak work station or dining table   Below is one of the few near reproductions we have made. It is very similar to the washstand designed by William Lethaby for Melsetter House on Hoy, Orkney, about 1899. Our version was designed as a bedside table, although it ended up as a writing desk.
oak, bedside table Melsetter washstand arts and crafts   Other tables on this page are more like little writing desks, although each has been designed to do something slightly different. One is a dressing table. The other two were inspired by a Stickley original and we call them hall tables. The open rack at the back of the table is designed to hold post and important communications (mainly bills). Finally, there is a mad construction that I call a bay window table. It was made with recycled stained glass from a sash window. In a bay window there is plenty of light to flood through it. What is it used for? Well, it make a good bed for a cat.
hall desk, writing desk    

photo of coffee table unusual modern cabinet    photo of dressing table and stool